Mahaska Bottling Company celebrates 125th anniversary with company branding and launch of new website

September 17, 2014

OSKALOOSA, Iowa, Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Mahaska Bottling Company, the family-owned regional beverage brand, manufacturing, and distribution company, announced its corporate branding today along with the unveiling of a new website

 The branding, which coincides with the company's 125th anniversary, shifts Mahaska's identity from one focused solely on its primary franchise partners, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper Snapple Group, to one that emphasizes its historic origins, proprietary brand portfolio and increasing number of new franchise partners.

"We are excited to share our new branding concept," Branden Muhl, CEO of Mahaska, said. "You could say we're getting back to our roots that we inadvertently de-emphasized due to our extreme growth and success within the PepsiCo & Dr Pepper Snapple Group systems, which were the focal point of the business from 1928-2000."

A new color palette and two fresh logos gives business assets a more updated look that captures the essence of Mahaska's rich history, while also illustrating commitment to innovation and forward progress. Key brand initiatives include changing everything from the way employees answer the phone and dress to the look and feel of all of the property, plants, and equipment. The new website features Mahaska's new logos, a sleek new design, brand-specific attributes and access to the company's social media networks.

"Our new brand identity reflects our position in the industry as an independent bottling company with tradition and history that continues to use innovation and new technology to achieve success," Muhl said. "Our ties to our franchise partners are strong, but they are only one component of our expanding business and relationship base."

Since 2000, Mahaska has seen significant growth in partnerships and territorial expansion. Its geographic reach, which was once just select areas of three states (Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska), has broadened beyond the borders of those three states into parts of South Dakota, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, New York, and California. Through its Odin Brands affiliate and TYR Sport partnership, the company sponsors several endurance athletes including Olympic medalists Matt Grevers, Steven Lobue and Jamel Herring, as well as Ironman TJ Tollakson. In addition, Mahaska directly sponsors regional organizations and events such as the Des Moines Menace premier soccer team, the Wichita B-52s, Nebraska All-Star Football Classic and The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI).

Expounding upon a portfolio of over 1,100 products, Mahaska's new partners include notable brands such as TYR, Arizona, Realtree, Fruit Shoots and AQUAhydrate, increasing its partnership base to 25 top tier brand companies. With over five thousand customers, Mahaska continues to add products and services to its portfolio to offer new and existing customers a turnkey supply solution.

"As the beverage category continues to evolve, it becomes very important for beverage distributors to evolve as well," Greg McCauley, EVP of Sales at AQUAhydrate, said. "Mahaska has a long, rich history in the beverage business, but they are not resting on their laurels. Great brands need three important components: a quality product that delivers functionality to its consumer, marketing cache that gives consumers a connection, and dependable partners to distribute. AQUAhydrate believes that with Mahaska we deliver on those three critical components."

Mahaska's expansion and business development efforts began in 1928 when Harry Morgan & Arnold Muhl signed an exclusive franchise appointment for a rapidly growing soft-drink brand called Pepsi-Cola. Expansion continued in 1961 when Arnold Muhl & John Muhl opened a fully automated carbonated soft-drink manufacturing facility that was one of the most modern in the country. Brad Muhl, the 4th generation owner of Mahaska, grew the business with core partners through the acquisition of two new franchises in addition to entering new lines of business. In 2012, upon Brad's retirement and transition to Chairman of the Board, his son, Branden Muhl, purchased Mahaska, continuing the tradition of consolidated ownership under a single leader that was revived under Brad. Branden has continued his father's efforts in addition to new initiatives of his own, which include the company's branding, new partnerships, and updated technology at its facilities.

"The last two years have left me very optimistic about what we are capable of accomplishing in a short amount of time," he said. "Right now, I am eager to watch our five year plan unfold, and our new brand identity is the first step of many towards achieving continued success."

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About Mahaska:
Mahaska is a family-owned regional beverage brand, manufacturing, and distribution company that was founded in 1889. It maintains multiple franchise appointments as well as Mahaska-owned affiliates across independent brands, full-line vending, foodservice, logistics, trucking, and media. Based in the Midwest, Mahaska is quickly expanding into new markets nationwide.

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