Peyton Berkeley

As CIO of B Group, Peyton Berkeley is responsible for managing as well as allocating resources across the firm’s public and private investment portfolio with a focus on achieving superior returns without proportionate risk. He also leads the proprietary, in-depth research efforts supporting the portfolio and organic thesis generation.

Prior to his current role, Berkeley spent six years on Wall Street as an equity and fixed-income investment adviser where he focused on the healthcare sector. He continues his investment activities by way of The B Group where he is co-portfolio manager of a long-short equity investment company that specializes in biotechnology, genetic sequencing, and molecular diagnostics opportunities. In recent years, The B Group has broadened its mandate to include private investments such as The Greystone & Santa Barbara Hotel redevelopment project in Miami Beach, FL.

Berkeley holds a Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.